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Peter Menzel Photography

I just read a good interview of Peter Menzel, a wonderful photography (National Geographic, GEO Germany, freelance) on Phillip Greenspun’s photo.net site.  He talks mainly about how he broke into the photography world, why a degree in photojournalism from Boston University was useless to him, and comments on the letdown that being a NG photography was.

He produced an interesting book, called Material World, which depicts families from around with world pictured with all of their material possetions or a week’s food.  His inspiration was drawn from an NPR broadcast speaking about Madonna’s then-recent top-selling biography, which was followed up by the pop singer’s Material World song.

Check out the links to Peter’s gallery.  I found the Kuwait oil fire photos especially interesting.  There’s a photo of the prince touring an oil fire 3 years after the fire initially began!


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Underbelly of Veteran's BridgeWe went on a subway/bridge tour this weekend and I was able to snap some cool pictures of the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge. The public rail used to pass underneath the bridge, which is where the tour was located. The content of the self-guided tour wasn’t all that interesting, but the architecture, tones, and textures of the bridge made for some pretty interesting pictures. Check out my flickr page for a few more (click badge on right).

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Adriane and MeWe had a good time at the AIPSO gala.  It was held at this fancy-shmancy country club.  Adriane and I did a little bit of dancing, and enjoyed all the gourmet food, though we just missed the chocolate fountain.

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