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Oh, yeah, that’s Jazz

I’ve recently remembered how much I appreciate jazz music. I think this affinity renaissance happens once every six months or so… once I’ve listened to every single hardcore/pop/rock/blah MP3 I have. I guess that happened again this week and a timely coworker tossed 8 amazing jazz CDs my way. Thanks, Jim! Anywho, here’s a shoutout to one of they most interesting cats out there, Charles Mingus. He’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re interested, here’s a link to the album I’m listening to now.


I’m not sure what the Amazon.com preview sounds like, but check out Fables of Faubus. I always get a kick out of Mingus yelling things in the background while the band is playing.

As a sidenote, this album was produced by assembling previously-bootlegged material (as revenge against the bootleggers)


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A while ago, my friend, Brian C., gave me a CD by The Waiting. Truthfully, I didn’t really like it at first; the lead singer had a strange twang to his voice and I kept hearing oboes along with electric guitars, which I didn’t think mixed well. It traveled to the back of my CD case and went into hiding for about 3 years.

I rediscovered the CD this summer while I’ve been in the midst of some seriously dry times in the Lord. The honesty of the lyrics was striking and I started to feel like I wasn’t alone in my frustrations. I’ve found comfort in Lamentations 3, especially since Jeremiah’s situation was much more extreme than mine. If you’re feeling like the Lord is behind a fifty-foot-tall brick wall and you’re trying to shout out to Him, you’re not alone! Even the prophet, Jeremiah, has been in the same situation.

Here’s a link to the CD I was talking about. The Amazon.com site has previews of songs as well. Click the ‘more’ link below for lyrics to the song titled Hands in the Air.


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